You are currently viewing 3 great extensions that will upgrade your Elementor to 2018

3 great extensions that will upgrade your Elementor to 2018

If you use Elementor, you are probably already familiar with the “Elementor Pro” extension that upgrades Elementor and adds useful plugins such as: Slider, “Flipbox”, Facebook embeds and more.

In preparation for the new year, we have put together 5 more popular extensions for you that will upgrade your use of Elementor, and add new widgets and also upgrade some of the existing widgets that you already know.

We set off:

1. Elements Plus!

This is an extension to Elementor from that comes in a free configuration and a paid extension. In the free version you will get the following components:

Button Plus – allows you to add a button with 2 lines of text, and control the typography of each line separately.

Label Plus – allows you to insert labels wherever you want, design them and set a show start and end date for them. You can advance the labels above the images and products by “z-index”.

Gallery Plus! – Allows you to create a photo gallery while controlling the spaces between the photos and to define a “mosaic” view that does not currently exist in the Elementor gallery plugin.

Google Maps Plus – allows you to insert a “live map” of Google and the ability to control the visibility of the map with 25 built-in designs that will refresh the usual and familiar visibility of the Google map.

Call to action Plus – allows you to easily create a “call to action” section by grouping together 2 lines of text one below the other that can be designed separately from each other, and a button that appears below the second line that can also be designed separately.


2. Addons for Elementor

הינה הרחבה לאלמנטור מבית Livemash שמגיעה בתצורה חינמית ובהרחבה בתשלום.
הנה רשימה של כמה אלמנטים נבחרים שתקבלו כשתתקינו את ההרחבה:

Post Carousel – allows you to display selected posts and allow you to scroll through them.

Team Profiles – allows you to quickly and beautifully present your team in a modern and clean way with links to the social networks of each team member.

Portfolio Grid– allows you to display your portfolio in a beautiful column display. You can also choose to display a category filter that will filter and display the relevant works at the click of a button.

Services– allows you to quickly and in a beautiful and clean way present the services that your business provides. There are several different service design configurations that you provide, and this also includes an image, title, and short description.

There are many more good paid elements worth a look, maybe you will find what you were looking for there.


3. Elementor Extras

is a paid premium extension for Elementor from namogo Which is probably worth every shekel or in their case “euro”. There are many elements in this extension, here we have only listed Two of their unique elements:

devices – allows you to easily display images of websites or landing pages on smartphones, tablets and laptops – special!

Image Comparisondevices– Allows you to display a comparison between 2 images by moving to the left or right a line that separates and is in the center of the element.