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Types of websites

A wide variety of websites and online stores can be built in the WordPress system. Below are examples of types of sites:

Presentation Website
– WordPress is an amazing system for setting up an image website. You can enter unlimited pages and media on the website, you can integrate a blog on the website. At any time, the site can always be expanded, even for a period after the completion of its construction. The WordPress system includes various plugins and extensions that allow you to upgrade and enrich any website, including photo and video galleries, links to social networks and contact forms

Blog – WordPress is an excellent system for managing a personal or professional blog. A quality blog with articles that provide knowledge and well-written content can help promote your business and attract customers.

Online store website – You can set up an online store website where you can sell your products. You can combine promotions, categories, photos of all kinds, and inventory management.

Catalog site
– You can set up a website that contains a catalog of products or services